Icons in 2016

Greetings, true believers! Folks who have gotten used to the twice-monthly blog updates about the ongoing Icons A to Z series in 2015 are likely going to be hearing less from me this year, simply because plans for Ad Infinitum and Icons releases in 2016 are a bit different although, I hope, no less exciting. In particular, the schedule doesn’t feature a subscription or periodical product, simply because I didn’t have one I wanted to do on a regular schedule, although that doesn’t mean any less Icons—if anything, this year may see more! Continue reading

Great Responsibility

greatpowercoverAd Infinitum wants your insights on Great Power! In particular, I need any feedback you may have on errors, corrections, clarifications, or the like you have come across in the book, as I look to prepare a corrected release for it this year.

You can use this form to submit your insights. Submissions are anonymous, although you can include your name, if you wish, and those who do so will receive credit in the updated release of the book. I’m looking to collect information in the next 4-6 weeks, so responses after, say, February 20th, 2016, may not be useful in the correction process, so please, don’t delay!

If you need further clarification, you can always email me, and thanks in advance for your support of Icons and Ad Infinitum Adventures!

Icons A to Z in Print!

IconsAtoZ-frontcoverAd Infinitum is pleased to announce that 2015’s Icons A to Z series has been collected into a single volume, available in PDF ($10) and as a softcover print-on-demand book. The print edition is available in both standard ($20) and premium ($30) formats.

If you subscribed to the A to Z series last year, and did not receive an email with a coupon for the new book, please email me with your subscription email account (this is why you want to let publishers email you updates!)

You can find the compiled Icons A to Z on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow, and the individual chapters of the book remain available for $1.00 each (along with “A” is for “Aliens” available as a pay-what-you-want “taster” download). Check it out along with the other fine adventures and supplements for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying!

Icons A to Z: Z is for Zombies

Heroes vs. the Walking Dead!

Z is for Zombies for the Icons A to Z series, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow and available to subscribers for download.

Z is for Zombies details a horror staple of the comics: the walking (and often hungry!) dead, including:

  • Different types of zombies from animated corpse to viral zombie, revenant, and more
  • Typical zombie abilities in Icons game terms
  • Infectious, super-powered, and non-human zombies
  • How to use zombies in your games, including an “Earth-Z” crossover with a world overrun by them!

Check it out now, and stay tuned for news about a forthcoming Icons A to Z compilation for the entire series.

Minions and Monsters in Icons

No, it’s not a new Icons product (yet) just a couple of random passing thoughts to share because, well, I’ve got a blog.


The first is that, in addition to the option for taking out minions automatically with a successful attack (on p. 42 of the Assembled Edition), Game Masters may want to consider minion actions against heroes—that is, any action opposed by a hero’s reaction—automatic failures. Amongst other things, this means minions simply cannot successfully attack heroes under normal circumstances, all they can do is get in the heroes’ way and get whittled down until there aren’t any more of them.

That’s not to say such minions are never effective, but a successful attack by them is handled as trouble for the heroes (Assembled Edition, p. 34) rather than a regular action—it’s so rare that it’s both noteworthy and awards the affected heroes with Determination Points. These minions can still succeed normally against other Game Master Characters, probably part of the reason they’re so often threatening the heroes’ friends and supporting characters.

This option is extremely four-color in style, but does suit some stories where minions truly are ineffectual and even heroes with no Damage Resistance or extraordinary defenses don’t need to be all that worried about them.


Although it may go without saying, Game Masters may sometimes want to beef up singular “monster” opponents intended to take on a whole team of heroes by just giving them more Stamina than their Strength and Willpower levels would normally provide. While you can simply go with higher Strength and Damage Resistance to toughen up a monster-foe (both common capabilities) that may not be enough, and too much Damage Resistance can stymie some heroes completely, where as additional Stamina is something the heroes can whittle away at, while still allowing the monster to hang in the fight so it’s not over too quickly.

Start with doubling the monster’s Stamina, although you can easily triple or even quadruple it to provide a good fight. Also note that a “monster” opponent doesn’t have to be an actual monster, but could simply be a master villain who needs to take on a whole team, and therefore can benefit from a Stamina boost. The GM characters don’t have to follow the exact same rules as the heroes in terms of determining their abilities, so long as they’re providing a fair and fun challenge.