Icons and Villainomicon: Pay What You Want

Following the announcement of the Assembled Edition of Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, Ad Infinitum Adventures has made the original Icons rulebook and the Villainomicon sourcebook available as pay-what-you-want PDFs. Download them for free, if you want! If you like them and want to kick-in some money to say so, you can always re-”purchase” them from the site with a different, additional, payment.

Sales of the Icons Character Folio software have also been suspended, while Ad Infinitum follows up on options for a replacement that takes into account updates in the Great Power sourcebook and the Assembled Edition. Previous buyers of the software will still be able to download it from their online library.

Icons: Podcasts, Licensing & Discussion

So, the announcement of the new Assembled Edition of Icons has generated some buzz, including a mention on BleedingCool news.

I answer some questions about the Assembled Edition from James Dawsey on the Vigilance podcast (along with talking about Emerald City and Atlas of Earth-Prime for Mutants & Masterminds). I’ve got another podcast interview lined up and am happy to work with gaming podcasters, feel free to email me about an interview!

One of the questions is about licensing for Icons. The licensing agreement remains the same as always, found on the Ad Infinitum page of my site: third-party publishers are free to use the Icons compatibility logo and Open Content of the game, I only ask for a heads-up about your plans, and a courtesy copy of whatever you publish for my own reference.

Folks have also asked if Green Ronin is publishing Icons now. No, it’s still an Ad Infinitum Adventures product. Green Ronin is printing and distributing the Assembled Edition, but Ad Infinitum will continue to support Icons with electronic (and possibly print-on-demand) releases of its own.

Discussion of the Assembled Edition is ongoing on RPGnet and the Icons Yahoo Group. Feel free to drop by or to send me questions via email and stay-tuned for more information and updates as things progress!

ICONS: The Nemesis Crisis

nemesiscrisisContinuing the epic Rise of the Phalanx series, Dan Houser brings you the “event” adventure Nemesis Crisis — usable with Hero Pack 5 for ICONS Superpowered Roleplaying, and now available on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow!

Called to invesitgate a mysterious energy phenomenon, the heroes are whisked away from Earth to the the otherworldly planetoid Equinox, where the Cosmic Justicar pits them against their greatest foes, and the malicious and mysterious master villain known as Reign, with the fate of Earth’s metahuman population at stake!

The Nemesis Crisis present the planetoid Equinox, the aliens inhabiting it, and sample heroes and villains for the adventure, which is also designed for use with the characters from Hero Pack 5.

Can the heroes overcome the cosmic challenges to prove themselves worthy in…The Nemesis Crisis? Get it now for just $5 at DriveThruRPG!

ICONS: Innate Damage Resistance

This is an expansion/modification of the Innate Invulnerability damage variant on the ICONS Wiki. In essence, all characters get Damage Resistance equal to half their Strength level (rounded down) but that resistance applies only to bashing and blasting damage, slashing and shooting damage is unaffected. This reflects the greater resistance sheer Strength grants when it comes to taking a beating, without necessarily making the character more physically impervious to harm. Regular Damage Resistance, granted by powers, protects against all types of attacks, unless the power has a specific Limit, and the higher of the two levels applies.

Example: The Mighty Saguaro has Strength 9 but no Damage Resistance power. He still gets Damage Resistance 4 (9 divided by 2 = 4.5, rounded down to 4) against bashing and blasting damage, but slashing and shooting attacks do their full damage against him. His only benefit from Strength there is his higher Stamina total. On the other hand, All-Star has Strength 10 and Damage Resistance 8, so he gets no extra benefit; his powers grant him more Damage Resistance than half his Strength level. If, for some reason, his Damage Resistance was nullified, but not his Strength, All-Star would still have Damage Resistance 5 (half of 10) against bashing and blasting damage.

ICONS Poll: Hero Creation