The adventure begins when the runners are contacted by a Mr. Johnson about a smuggling job offshore. This can be Puget Sound in Seattle or just about any other coastal area in the world that the gamemaster wishes to use.

The runners are told to meet their contact at a prearranged site along the shore where a boat will put ashore briefly to load the runners aboard and them head out before it can be spotted by the coastal patrols. The boat (an Aztech Nightrunner or equivalent) will make another stop at a concealed and abandoned dock or other shoreside area to load up on the contraband that is being carried, then will set out for the open sea.

Close Call

On their way out, the runners’ boat will be hailed by a coast guard vessel. It might belong to the NAN, UCAS or another local government. They will approach the boat and use a loudspeaker or radio to hail the characters. They realize that if their boat is boarded, the contraband will likely be discovered. The characters must decide if they want to talk with the coast guard or attempt to outrun them.

If the runner talk their way out of trouble, call for some Charisma or Etiquette tests and some appropriate role-playing. If they make a break for it, a chase ensues.


After a couple of hours, the runners boat will rendezvous with a larger ship, a private yacht, and the contraband will be loaded on board. When the runners reach the rendezvous point, all they find is some floating wreckage and bodies where the yacht was supposed to be. The carnage is terrible and should spook the runners into wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

Da-Dum, Da-Dum, Da-Dum

The cause of the wreck of the yacht is a military experiment gone bad. Years ago, the UCAS (or other) Navy experimented with using cyberware to alter and enhance sea creatures to make them into biological weapons of a sort that could track and destroy enemy submarines and divers. One of those experiments involved created a cybernetic megalodon (an awakened shark described in Paranormal Animals of North America, p.108). The modifications were made at an offshore site that was damaged during a storm and the partially-modified shark escaped, equipped with its programming to destroy certain targets only partially completed and complimenting its natural hunting instincts.

The numerous implants have all but driven the dumb creature mad with pain, and it viciously attacks anything that gets in its way. It encountered and destroyed the yacht not long before the runners arrived.

The CyberShark

Body 15/4, Quickness 5 (x4), Strength 13, Charisma 0, Intelligence 1/3, Willpower 3, Essence 1.5, Reaction 7, Initiative: 7 + 2d6, Powers: Enhanced Senses, Regeneration, Cyberware: Carbon-enhanced teeth (13D bite damage), Enhanced Movement, Hardened Armor 4, Sonar, Wired Reflexes 1.

The carnage caused by the CyberShark has also attracted several normal Sharks (SRII, p.233) to feed on and fight over the remains.

Let the runners deal with one or two smaller sharks before springing the CyberShark on them. Put on the theme music from Jaws if you like to make everyone nervous. The creature surges out of the water and attacks the characters’ boat. Its first pass should cripple the boat and give the runners a few seconds to get off some shots or spells in its direction. Then it disappears under the water. Give the character a few moments to panic and make preparations before having the critter come at them again. The shark will try to wreck their boat and throw characters into the water. Strength and Athletics tests should be required to stay in the boat.

The runners might think that they’ve killed the creature if they hit it with enough damage or a powerful mana spell (the ‘shark’s Willpower is fairly low), but remember that the critter’s Regeneration power can keep it coming back for more in just a few minutes. Let the runners think they’ve killed the beast only to have one of them pick up movement on the ship’s sonar a few moments later.

Eventually, military patrol boats are going to show up looking for the CyberShark. If the runners haven’t managed to kill it, they will be rescued by the Navy before things get too bloody. Of course, then they may have to explain what they’re smuggling to the authorities….