Awaken, Old Man of the Mountain!

A Marvel Super Heroes Adventure

Note: I wrote (and ran) this adventure before the tragic collapse of the Old Man formation in New Hampshire. Running it in the present would require some modification that actually “resurrects” the “Old Man” from rumble before “awakening” and animating him.

One or more of the heroes is invited to speak at the opening of a Native American exhibit at a local museum, featuring many different artifacts and exhibits intended to increase understanding and appreciation of Native culture. Mary McCarthy, a local reporter for Channel 9 News is covering the speech and the opening. She’s eager to get an interview with the heroes.

The exhibit is attacked by the villain Howling-Wolf, who has gained super-powers from a deal struck with the Great Beasts, and desires revenge against all whites. Howling-Wolf’s magic brings the totems and stuffed animals in the displays to life to attack the heroes while he makes off with a sacred medicine bundle.


Strength 8C, Agility 6X, Intellect 4D, Willpower 9X, Health 17. Climbing, Wrestling, Occult, Survival, Tracking. Magic 9 (Animation, Ensnarement), Sonic Control 14 (“Howling”) (Sonic Blast, Sonic Shield). Calling: Vegeance. Hindrances: Hateful (of Eagle and all whites).

The heroes must track Howling-Wolf into northern New Hampshire, where the renegade shaman is preparing a ritual in the shadow of the Old Man of the Mountains. Howling-Wolf springs a trap on the heroes, trapping them in a “spirit cage” resistant to all physical attacks. “Your white-man’s science cannot overcome the power of my magic,” Howling-Wolf sneers as he begins his ritual.

Using the power of the medicine bundle, Howling-Wolf awakens the ancient earth-spirit dwelling in the mountains, bringing the Old Man in the Mountain to life as an earthen giant, more than a hundred feet tall! When the Old Man asks why he has been awakened from his long slumber, Howling-Wolf tells him he must destroy the whites and drive them from the sacred land, so it can be renewed. The Old Man is angry at what he sees and says he will do as Howling-Wolf asks. He then moves off towards the nearest cities to the south, the state capitol itself!

The Old Man of the Mountains

Strength 26X, Agility 3X, Intellect 4X, Willpower 12X, Health 20. Earth Control 18, Resistance 20 to all Energy. Calling: Guardian (of the Sacred Land).

The Old Man is not evil. He is a powerful spirit and protector of the land. He is angry as the damage done to the land by humanity and his anger, combined with Howling-Wolf’s influence, is enough to send him against the “white” settlements in the area.

The heroes have to stop the Old Man before he levels the city. The earth-spirit is immensely powerful, probably more than they can defeat using brute strength. The heroes have to convince the Old Man not to take vengeance on the inhabitants of the area and return to his sleep. They might be able to use the exhibit at the museum as an indication that the old ways are not entirely forgotten.