Eternity Street

Eternity Street is a strange and unassuming avenue that that is one of the great mysteries of the cosmverse. The street is itself a sort of “pocket realm” similar to the many other such realms that exist in close proximity to Earth such as the GodNet or the Land Below.

The entierty of the Eternity Street realm consists of a single, straight, two lane street lined with shops, businesses and homes. The exact length of Eternity Street is difficult to determine as distances seem somewhat distorted there but it seems quite possible that the street may run on forever in either direction. Most of the street’s inhabitants are aware of its nature and many are from cosms other than Earth. It is unknown if Eternity Street has any “native” inhabitants.

The street exhibits an ability similar to the Gate power that allows it to move, “pushing aside” local streets to insert inself into the area. Thus, Eternity Street can be a back alley in Rio de Jenero, a quaint throughfare in Paris or even an unusual avenue in the Donglin Megaplex. The street can apparently move anywhere in the cosmverse, but it appears to “obrit” around Earth due to the tremendous possibility nexi there. Eternity Street’s movements thus far appear to be totally random.

In fact, the street itself does not move at all, but the natural gateway that allows access onto Eternity Street does shift it’s posistion, both through the cosmverse and relative to the street itself, thus the location of the “corner” of Eternity Street often varies.

The nature of the street’s reality is most unusual, since it appears that individuals from all cosms can function normally there with no chance of disconnecting or transforming. The realm’s axioms are unknown, only the following world laws:

The Law of Co-Existence: Each individual on Eternity Street is effectively surrounded by a perpetual reality bubble of her own reality at no cost in possibilities. The person may function normally on the street as if she were in her home reality. This ability functions for ords as well as stormers.

Since characters are effectively in a pure zone of their own reality, any contradiction is automatically a four-case.

The Law of Peace: Any action which causes direct harm to another being or to Eternity Street itself is a four-case contradiction. Character’s who disconnect by violating this world law cannot reconnect while on Eternity Street. Ords on Eternity Street are incapable of violence.


The following are some of the buildings and shops to be found along Eternity Street. Some appear always in the same place while others seem to shift around, apparently at random and always while no one is looking.

Burrows, Inc.: E-Street’s resident construction firm. The Burrows are a clan of dwarves who emigrated from Asyle many years ago and set up a warren on the street. They offered their services to the local residents and soon became quite successful at renovating and rebuilding the many structures of the street.

Doctor Wye’s: Home and office of Doctor Elias Wye, M.D., general practioner. Dr.Wye is the all-around physician for Eternity Street. An eccentric Core Earther, Wye is a crusty old country doctor who refuses to retire from practice as long as he can still move. He has lived on Eternity Street as long as anyone can recall and he knows how to treat everything from humans to Edienos to broken cyberware to werewolf bites. His fees are reasonable and customers will always get his bill, no matter where they are.

The Eternity Street Post Office: A small, clean and efficently run post office that has the strange ability to send and receive mail anywhere in the cosmverse (provided that it’s properly addressed, of course. “What is the ZIP+4 code for Takta Ker anyway?”). How this is acomplished is a mystery which the office’s three employees have not devulged.

The Eternity Street Public Libray: A large Gothic structure complete with gargoyles and high, vaulted windows. The reference section is extensive. The catalog is available in hardcopy and computer access, both terminal and VX. While it may take the staff (including the Orrorshian reference librarian and the Kadandran desk clerk) a while to find something, they will find it, whatever it may be.

The Eternity Street Superette: Favorite stop for those midnight munchies. Any kind of munchie from any cosm you like. Need oil for your hoverbike? Aisle 3. A twinkie? Ammo? Chewing gum? Got it. The proprietor is an Edeinos transformed over to Core Earth axioms. He works constantly and is usually dragged-out tired and fairly cranky.

The Happy Gun Shoppe: A nice, pleasant, friendly gun store. No security, no anti-theft devices. Nothing but the latest in firearms laid out on decorative doilies in glass display cases. Also a wide selection of second-hand firearms. If you can find it in the Hachiman Arms Catalong, you can find it here. The shop is run by Miss Pricilla, a matronly grandmother type who target shoots and crochets her famous gun- and ammo-cozies in her spare time.

Hope House: A lone structure in an otherwise empty lot on the Street. Here the lonely and lost of the cosmverse are welcomed and nobody is turned away. The house is managed by a woman named Gwendolyn. Lady Gwen caries for all who come to her house and has never turned away a soul in need. She longs for the day when her services will no longer be needed and the mission can be closed down for good.

The Infinitarian Cosmversal Church: A small white building with high windows that is almost totally empty on the inside, with some limited furnature that can be rearranged easily. The church caters to all denominations (from a dozen different cosms) and services of one kind or another are held daily.

The Infinity Agency: The offices and living space belonging to Eternity Street’s resident group of Storm Knights. Formerly a used car dealership, the building sports a great deal of floor space, as well as a fully equiped garage that Dhare Nexus, the team’s realm runner, uses to store and maintain their vehicles. The Agency acts as a combination private detective/ mercenary organization, hiring out to do all manner of troubleshooting regarding the Possibility Wars.

The Ourobaros: A local tavern whose name is a play on the legendary serpent swallowing its tail that symbolises infinity. Also known as the “Bar at the End of the Cosmverse,” the Ourobaros is a gathering place for both the inhabitants and visitors to Eternity Street and has the strangest clientel of any bar around.

The Realm Runner Cafe: “Where the elite meet after handing the High Lords a defeat.” Very hip, modern decor establishment catering mostly to Storm Knights and especially realm runners. Much like the aviator clubs in WWI France on Core Earth, where realm runners on all sides meet to eat, drink and tell wild tales of their latest adventures.

The River and Green: A pleasant, upscale tavern and resturant done in a somewhat rustic style, with an open, airy atmosphere. The proprietor, “Sir” Larry Lawin, is an entrepeneur and adventurer from Earth who fell in love with the establishment the moment he saw it and gave most of his fortune to the previous owner to buy it.

Swords and Tequila: A bar where only the toughest enter. The bar mixes the most unpleasant elements of Aylish and Cyberpapal society. One is as likely to meet and Elven swordsman with slashers and tendon replacement as a Jaz fighter with a Storm Gun of Giant Slaying. There is a brawl going on about half of the time, but nobody pulls out the heavy hardware for them. Lanx Wickedhaft is the owner and bartender. He is a magic-using cybertroll. He has no problems with his place getting busted up from time to time as he knows several spells that allow him to repair everything. The bar serves hard liquor and the juke box plays only heavy metal. Tuesday is ladies night. The Law of Peace is slightly “bent” in the confines of the bar; brawling doesn’t create a contradiction, only violence intended to kill or cause permanent injury.

Time’s End: A comic book and game shop with a huge selection of back issues and out of print games. The Five Realms role-playing game does quite well here.

Wu Ling’s Curio Emporium: A small, cramped shop that is always squeezed between two larger buildings. Wu Ling is from Marketplace and is well known as a master trader and salesman. His shop contains curiosities and trinkets from all over the cosmverse and he can acquire nearly anything a customer might desire, for the right price.


Shekkie the Cabbie: Shekkie runs the only cab on Eternity Street. Just go over to the curb and yell “taxi!” and boom! there he is. Shekkie will drive people anywhere they want to go on the street or in the town the street is currently “located” in. He seems to know every street and place in the cosmverse like the back of his hand and never asks for directions. If there are roads, Shekkie can get you there, and at a speed that will make you hold on for dear life.

The Kid: A young teenager who skateboards up and down the sidewalks of the Street. Nobody knows where he lives or what his real name is, so they all refer to him as “kid.” The Kid thinks that E-Street is the next closest thing to Heaven: a infinity of sidewalk to skate on, no cops to hassel you for it, and plenty of nice folks.

Old Maggie: A bag lady who lives on the Street. She wandered on one day and hasn’t left since. She refuses to give up her “lifestyle” despite offers from some of the street’s residents to help. She trundles up and down the street with a grocery cart, collecting interesting things and chatting with everyone who offers an interested ear. Maggie has a lot of experience with life on the streets and knows a lot of things, including all of the latest gossip. She often hints that she’s quite a bit older than she looks.

Jim Morrisson “the Lizard King”: “Jim” is an Edeinos who transformed over to Core Earth axioms. He and his cousin (Elvis) became fascinated with rock and roll music and set to learning all about it. Jim wandered into the Ourobaros and liked it enough to stick around. He and the E-Street Band play at the bar and live in a building nearby. When the opportunity arises, they sometimes play impromptu concerts in places where the street connects. The E-Street Band includes a cybered rocker (bass), an Aylish mage (guitar), a Dwarf drummer and young keyboard player who is a runaway from a wealthy family on Marketplace.

Wu Ling: The mysterious Wu Ling is originally from Marketplace. He has been on Eternity Street as long as most people can remember, running his small curio shop. Although he drives a hard bargain, Wu Ling never cheats his customers and always provides quality merchandise. He has a penchant for speaking in inscrutable, fortune cookie phrases.

Elias Wye, M.D.: The crotchety Dr.Wye is Eternity Street’s resident physician. He can treat nearly any medical ailment in the cosmverse, and has just about seen them all. He doesn’t much approve of cyberware, but keeps his opinions pretty much to himself. He always complains about having to fix up someone who got hurt by doing something stupid (such as combat) when he could be helping people “who really need it.”

“Sir” Larry Lawin: Owner and proprietor of the River and Green tavern/resturant. Sir Larry is a former Earth adventurer and self-made millionaire who traded away all he had when he wandered onto Eternity Street and into the River and Green and fell in love with the place so much that he offered nearly his whole fortune to the previous owner to buy it.

Father Michael “Mick” Kramer: Father Kramer is the pastor of the Infinitarian Cosmversal Church. He is a Gaean who went into holy orders after a wayward youth, but found himself doubting the validity of the Book of Power and at odds with his more conservative superiors. During a “sabbatical of contemplation” Father Mick wandered onto Eternity Street and spent an enjoyable few weeks there. Suprised that there was no church to minister to the spiritual needs of the community, he decided to establish one and invited people of all faiths to worship there and exchange ideas.