Wraiths are a unique type of spirit similar to shadow free spirits in that they appear to feed off intense emotion. Unlike other free spirits, however, wraiths have the ability to steal karma from others to increase their Spirit Energy. They do so using their unique Karma Drain ability.

Wraiths generally appear as amorphous clouds of black or gray mist, illuminated from within by a deep violet light. They manifest in mist form or as a tall, dark figure wearing tattered robes, surrounded by mist. Wraiths seem drawn to scenes of intense violence, since they provide the best opportunities for “feeding.” Their native metaplane is unknown, and wraiths have proven completely immune to summoning and banishing using Conjuring. Whether or not wraiths have true names like other free spirits remains a matter of conjecture. If they have, no one has ever discovered a wraith’s true name.

Wraiths use their powers of Compulsion, Fear, and Influence to inspire violence among other intelligent beings. Once it has caused a being to commit an act of violence that results in at least one box of damage to another intelligent being, the Wraith may begin to drain Karma from its victim. The victim permanently loses 1 point of Karma Pool for each minute under the Wraith’s influence. This Karma is added to the Wraith’s total and may be used to increase its Spirit Energy.

Wraiths often enter into partnerships with corrupt magicians and even mundanes. Such relationships are always temporary. Once the wraith strips its follower of all his or her Karma Pool, it moves on, usually inspiring a new follower to kill the previous one.

Wraiths avoid direct confrontation, prefering to work behind the scenes. If faced with an overwhelming opponent in combat, a wraith usually retreats to its home metaplane, vanishing from the physical and astral planes entirely to a place where no one can follow it, then returning to the physical world at a later time.


F+4 Q F+6 (x3) F C F I F W F E (F)A R F+1 Attack Humanoid or Powers.
INIT: F + 20 + 1D6 (Astral)/F + 11 + 1D6 (Physical)
Powers: Compulsion, Fear, Influence, Karma Drain, Magic Resistance, Magic Sense, Materialization