New Mutations for Gamma World

The following mutations are based on material from earlier editions of Gamma World, adapted for the Alternity edition. The gamemaster can extend the mutation tables or allow the new mutations to be substituted for some existing mutations, if they are being determined randomly.

Physical Mutations

Burning Hands
Good, Activated, WIL
The mutant can emit heat from his hands (or other appendages), doing additional damage in unarmed combat. The damage is based on the result of a WIL feat check by the mutant: Marginal, d4s; Ordinary, d4+2s; Good d8+2s; Amazing d4+1w (En/0). This damage is in addition to any done by the unarmed attack. Each activation last for 2 full rounds (8 phases), after which the mutant suffers 1 point of fatigue damage.

Poison Attack
Amazing, Activated, STR
This ability (one p. 66 of Gamma World) can also produce caustic agents rather than poisons, allowing some mutants to inflict acid damage to creatures they touch, or breathe an acid cloud or mist.

Sonic Blast
Amazing, Activated, WIL
The mutant can emit a damaging blast of sound, affecting all targets within a 10 meter raidus. The effects of the blast depend on a Constitution feat check by the targets, and each target checks separately: Critical Failure, d6w and target is rendered unconscious for d4 rounds; Failure, d6+2s and target is deafened for d4 rounds; Ordinary, d4s; Good, d4-2s; Amazing: no effect. This mutation can be used once per hour.

Sound Imitiation
Good, Activated, INT
The mutant can perfectly imitate any sound he has heard before, and has the ability to reproduce a sonic blast (as the mutation above) immediately after hearing (and surviving) one. The mutant can only reproduce each sonic blast once after hearing it, and doing so causes 1 point of fatigue damage to the mutant.

Mental Mutations

Mass Mind
Good, Activated, WIL
A mutant with this ability can pool his mental mutations with other mutants with the same ability. The mutants must be within close proximity (about 2 meters) and must concentrate for a full phase. Provided the Mass Mind activation check is successful, the activation check for the affected mutation is based on the highest ability of the mutants in the mass mind, +1 per additional mutant. The mutation’s effect and range are multiplied by the number of minds. After activation, the Mass Mind character suffers 1 fatigue damage per mind in the link. If multiple mutants in the link have Mass Mind, they divide the fatigue damage evenly among them. Mass Mind can be used once per day.

Example: Three thought masters are gathered together. One of them has Mass Mind in addition to his other mutations. He forms a mass mind with the other two to direct a powerful Telepathic Blast. The activation check for Telepathic Blast is based on the highest PER, +2 for two additional minds in the link. The base range (30 meters) is multiplied by three (to 90 meters) and the blast does 3d4+3s damage. Afterward, the thought master with Mass Mind takes 3 fatigue damage. If one of the other thought masters had Mass Mind as well, then one would have taken 2 points of fatigue damage and the other 1 point.

Molecular Disruption
Amazing, Activated, WIL
This powerful mutation allows the character to disrupt the molecular cohesion of an object by touch. The mutant can only affect objects up to (WIL x 10) kilograms in mass and living targets impose their Constiution or Willpower resistance modifier (whichever is greater). The effect depends on the result of the mutant’s Willpower feat check: Ordinary or less, no effect; Good, d6w damage; Amazing, target completely disintegrated. This mutation can only be used once per week.

Amazing, Activated, WIL
The mutant can disappear from one location and instantly reappear in another. The mutant need not see the target location but but know it with at least some familiarity (personal experience, seeing it via clairvoyance, or carefully studying blueprints or maps). Anything the mutant is wearing or carrying (up to mass in kilograms equal to Will) go with him when he teleports. The target location must be within 100 meters (range 25/50/100). At medium range, the feat check carries a +1 step penalty, at long range, the penalty is +3 steps.

The results of the feat check determine how on-target the mutant is. On an Amazing success, the mutant is dead on target. On a Good success, he misses the target by d4 meters in a random direction. On an Ordinary success, he misses the target by d4+2 meters. On a Failure, he misses the target by d4+4 meters. If the character would materialize in a solid object, he is displaced to the nearest open space and suffers damage. Make a Constitution feat check: Critical Failure, d4+2m; Failure, d4m; Ordinary, d4+2w; Good, d4w, Amazing, d4+2s. A second use of this mutation before an hour has passed inflicts 1 point of fatigue damage on the mutant.