Wyrmseeker is the magical sworld wielded by the dwarf hero Narn Dragon-slayer. What is not known is that Narn’s blade drew its power from the horror Verjigorm, the Hunter of Great Dragons, and that Narn was a willing pawn of the Horror in exchange for power and pretiege. Narn was slain by the elven elementalist and dragon-friend Dianuus and his sword and shield giving into the care of one of the dragons for safekeeping. Unfortunately the wyrm died during the Scourge and Wyrmseeker was found by the unsuspecting adepts of kaer Daralon.

Spell Defense: 21
Number of Threads: 2

Rank 1 Cost: 500
Key Knowledge: The character must know that this is the sword Wyrmseeker, wielded once by Narn Dragon-slayer.
Effect: Wyrmseeker does STR+6 steps damage. It also may detect the presence of dragons nearby as well as the minions and constructs of Verjigorm like the shadows or minor horrors.

Rank 2 Cost: 800
Effect: Wyrmseeker’s damage increases to STR+8 steps and it ignores the Armored Scales power of dragons, allowing it to inflict armor-defeating hits on an Excellent Success as normal.

Rank 3 Cost: 1,300
Key Knowledge: After the sword’s Rank 2 thread is woven, it draws the attention of Verjigorm. The horror is able to Horror Mark the sword-bearer and begins to use its Thought Worm power to slowly infiltrate the character’s dreams. The horror sends information and instructions through these dreams and-if the character resists-it sends pain and injury as well. The sword-wielder has strange adventures in an alien world in his dreams, and may even earn legend points for his actions there. Verjigorm prefers that a puppet resist at first, and any Legend Points gained from the Thought Worm power can then be poured into increasing Wyrmseeker’s thread rank.
Effect: The wielder of the sword gains the ability to use the horror power of Corrupt Karma, at a level of ability equal to the wielder’s Willpower step plus the rank of the sword’s thread. This power can be used to counter the Disrupt Fate power of dragons with a successful Corrupt Karma test against the dragon’s Spell Defense.

Rank 4 Cost: 2,100
Effect: Wyrmseeker’s wielder may use the Horror power of Cursed Luck at a step equal to his Willpower step plus the rank of the sword’s thread. The sword also does STR+10 steps damage (+12 steps against dragons and drakes).

Rank 5 Cost: 3,400
Deed: The wielder has a dream (sent by Verjigorm) that guides him to an enemy of the dragon-hunter. He must slay the enemy with Wyrmseeker. In addition to the value for the enemy, the deed is worth 3,000 legend points, plus any more gained from resisting the Thought Worm. The character’s Willpower begins to errode, and he suffers -2 steps to resist any of Verjigorm’s commands.
Effect: The wielder gains the ability to draw upon Verjigorm’s karma in a manner similar to the Karma Tap horror power. When performing an action that suits the horror’s needs, the character can call upon Verjigorm telepathically. If the horror approves, the character gainst Verjigorm’s Karma Step (20) for the action, although the character must still spend his own Karma points.

Rank 6 Cost: 5,500
Deed: To weave this thread, the wielder must know the terrible truth of Wyrmseeker: that it is a creation of the horrors and meant to slay dragons as part of Verjigorm’s plans. The wielder must accept this truth and acknowledge Verjigorm as his master, effectively surrendering the ability to resist the horror’s commands.
Effect: At this rank the wielder can invoke Wyrmseeker’s terrible dragonslayer power. When this power is used, the blade is infused with the power of the Hunter of Great Dragons, inflicting 4 points of permanent damage on the wielder. The sword then does STR+32 steps damage against dragons and dracoforms and inflicts an automatic 7 wounds on any dragon it strikes for the next turn. It is this power that allowed Narn Dragon-slayer to gain his reputation and, eventually, led to his death. It is believed that the dragons slain by Wyrmseeker have their spirits drawn out by the sword and turned to some purpose by Verjigorm.