Great Power PDF release

So, as you have hopefully heard by now if you are a backer of the Kickstarter: The PDF edition of the Great Power sourcebook for ICONS is now available! (Along with the various extras like the conversion notes, GM Screen, and Hero Pack 4 featuring the backer characters.)

This is a big step in completing the process that began with launching the Kickstarter at the end of last year. What remains is getting the print copies out to backers who ordered them, once the proofs are in and approved, and getting the 2.0 version of the ICONS Character Folio software out to backers and available for sale.

So far, issues with the PDF roll-out have been minimal: a small percentage of backers (less than 10% I’d say) who didn’t get the coupon codes e-mailed from DriveThruRPG and needed them re-sent in some way, and a minor problem with one of the GM Screen files not downloading properly (apparently fixed by putting all the files in a ZIP archive).

For my part, I’m glad to have the book out there in its finished form and really pleased with how it came out. Playtest feedback was helpful in refining the final text, and Dan Houser’s art and Daniel Solis’ layout really make the book look great. I’m looking forward to seeing it in print and already thinking about future ICONS projects.