Great Power: Now in PDF & Print!

IMG_0927After some wrangling, the print edition of the Great Power sourcebook for ICONS is now approved and available for sale on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow! Print copies are ordered for the Kickstarter backers and should be shipping out to them and I should have a very limited number of print copies of the book with me at Origins, if anyone is interested in taking a look. The print edition is $20 for the “standard” color format and $30 for “premium” color. Although is premium color is more vivid, the standard color is shockingly good, if you are on a budget. My standard color copy is now the go-to reference copy I keep on my desk.

Plus, when you order a print edition, you can download the PDF edition at no additional cost! It’s two versions of the book for the price of one.