7 thoughts on “ICONS Poll: Hero Creation

  1. Origin: Roll or choose
    Attributes: As book but can freely rearrange
    Specialities: As book
    Powers: The number of powers, and their level determined by a roll as in the book. But players can choose powers as if they had randomly rolled them.

    I think this is a good compromise between keeping the random nature and allowing for players who approach the game with a strong character concept they want to play.

  2. While rolling up powers, I allow the option to reverse die rolls (i.e. counting a “1-3” as a “3-1” if that leads to a preferable power).

  3. I like the random rolls, but I like when there’s some pre-gens available that don’t suck. If someone wants to go with a concept that is not a show stealer & use point spending, that is fine too.

  4. I’ve noted it before, on the mailing list and elsewhere, that my preference is a point total for a campaign, but that random creation is the method of generating a concept. Roll for origins, roll for attributes, roll for powers and levels, and roll for specialties. After that, adjust numbers up or down to fit the campaign’s power level.

    That’s my preference both as a gamer and a GM, but I do sometimes build characters in a point buy atmosphere, but almost always as an attempt to build an already existing character.

  5. I enjoy random rolled characters for fun and sometimes use the results for villains and NPCs; however, my players almost always want to play Marvel characters so I use the eyeball method and just assign levels to taste. I have a good group that doesn’t care so much about balance as they do getting to play a character that feels like their favorite comic book characters. My experience is not, however, the same as other groups who might want balanced characters, so point buy works. Not much help, I realize, but I use several methods for my games.

  6. To speed up chargen for a con game I came up with the following but haven’t yet put it to use:
    1. Randomly roll 3 Powers, do not roll for ranks
    2. Create concept, name and a few Aspects
    3. Uniquely assign ranks 1-10 to each Ability, Power, and for the points you’ll spend on Specialties.
    4. Buy your Specialities with the ranks number you assigned to them.

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