Icons: Podcasts, Licensing & Discussion

So, the announcement of the new Assembled Edition of Icons has generated some buzz, including a mention on BleedingCool news.

I answer some questions about the Assembled Edition from James Dawsey on the Vigilance podcast (along with talking about Emerald City and Atlas of Earth-Prime for Mutants & Masterminds). I’ve got another podcast interview lined up and am happy to work with gaming podcasters, feel free to email me about an interview!

One of the questions is about licensing for Icons. The licensing agreement remains the same as always, found on the Ad Infinitum page of my site: third-party publishers are free to use the Icons compatibility logo and Open Content of the game, I only ask for a heads-up about your plans, and a courtesy copy of whatever you publish for my own reference.

Folks have also asked if Green Ronin is publishing Icons now. No, it’s still an Ad Infinitum Adventures product. Green Ronin is printing and distributing the Assembled Edition, but Ad Infinitum will continue to support Icons with electronic (and possibly print-on-demand) releases of its own.

Discussion of the Assembled Edition is ongoing on RPGnet and the Icons Yahoo Group. Feel free to drop by or to send me questions via email and stay-tuned for more information and updates as things progress!