Katanas, Trenchcoats & Charity

So, by now, my small contribution to Ryan Macklin’s ’90s gaming magnum opus Katanas & Trenchcoats is out there. It all got started quite innocently (as these things do) when I replied to a Macklin tweet, astonished there wasn’t a “Katanas & Trenchcoats” RPG, given how popular the concept of adding Highlander-style immortals to nearly every RPG was back in the ’90s, especially White Wolf’s “World of Darkness” setting.

Ryan took it upon himself to assemble an A-Team of game industry talent (plus, you know…me) to bring this vision into being, planned, of course, for an April 1st release. The plan was always to donate profits from the game to charity, particularly the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Ever the professional, Ryan offered to pay us contributors, and I accepted so I could donate (folding in some of my Ad Infinitum profit) to The Trevor Project, a charity and cause important to me, and to countless LGBTQ youth. Also ever the gentleman, Ryan followed that news by offering to donate to the Trevor Project as well. Should anyone else be so inclined, please visit their donation link and help out.