Icons A to Z: S is for Support

Even Heroes Need Help

S is for Support, for the Icons A to Z series, is now available for sale on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow and available to subscribers for download.

S is for Support looks at the supporting cast characters for superhero adventures and how they can play different roles in your Icons games, including:

  • Help around the heroes’ headquarters from the Faithful Butler to the Reservist Heroes
  • Specialists from Costumers to Medical and Technical aides
  • Support within the law from the Police and Super-Agencies to Street Informants
  • The media, from Press Agents to Publishers and Reporters
  • Support for villains, from the Crime Doctor to the Toy Maker

Check it out now, or you can subscribe to the whole Icons A to Z series and get all of the entries as they are released, including all of the previous entries to-date!