Adversaries Preview: Size Queen

sizequeenSoon, Ad Infinitum will bring on the bad guys with the release of the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons. Today we wrap up our sneak previews of the various villains you’ll find in its pages for your own superhero series with the fabulous fierceness of…Size Queen!

It’s a toss up whether or not the radioactive isotopes were the world’s down-payment on a debt owed or not, but they certainly changed Lolita’s life forever. When a fight between the criminal syndicate that stole them and the authorities trying to recover them fractured the containment unit, Lito “Lolita” Hernandez got a good dose of the glowing dust, and quite the change in perspective. She became big, all right: so big that she busted through the roof of the building and kept on growing!

That first time, nobody knew what was happening. The “50-foot Queen of the Strip” did a lot of damage without really knowing what was happening. It was like a dream—or a nightmare—until the authorities and local heroes knocked her off her stiletto heels and literally took her down several dozen pegs. The size change didn’t last, but Lolita was able to do it again whenever she wanted. Interestingly, Lito Hernandez couldn’t—only as his drag alter-ego, which became increasingly, incessantly, demanding and independent in Lito’s mind…