Icons Adversaries

Ad Infinitum is pleased to announce that the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying is now available as a downloadable PDF ($10) and as a print-on-demand book. The print edition is available in both softcover (standard color for $20 and premium color for $30) and hardcover (premium color only for $35) and print purchase includes the PDF at no additional cost.

The sourcebook presents over 80 fiends, foes, and foils for Icons heroes, ranging in power from deities and would-be world-conquerors to petty crooks and criminals, and each character comes with adventure ideas, making the book a collection of hundreds of possible adventures! Some villains are updated from the original edition of Icons and the Villainomicon sourcebook, or expanded from the Assembled Edition rulebook, others are all new. You can see some previews from the book online:

You can find the new Adversaries sourcebook on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow Check it out along with the other fine adventures and supplements for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying!