The Icons Bundle of Holding


This is not exactly how I wanted to announce this. When Allen Varney and I were finally able to set up a Bundle of Holding for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, I thought that Pride Month was the perfect time for it, as I knew the charity I wanted it to benefit: The Trevor Project for LGBTQIA youth, a very important cause to me, personally.

Little did I know of the terrible events that would occur this past weekend at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando during Pride. I considered cancelling the bundle entirely, but instead decided to go ahead because the need for awareness, support, and donations is greater than ever.

So, while I certainly hope you take a look at the Icons bundle and take the opportunity to get yourself a huge collection of superhero PDFs at a bargain price, more importantly, I hope you consider a donation—either through your purchase or directly—to LGBTQIA causes like the Trevor Project and to efforts to end gun violence. The bundle will be available for the next fifteen days and buying in early ensures you get any additional products added to it over the course of the sale at no additional cost! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to raise money to donate to this cause.