See Me at GaymerX4!

gaymerx_yearfour_logo_web-1024x912I am looking forward to being one of the Tabletop RPG Bosses of Honor at the upcoming GaymerX convention (or GX4 for short), this weekend in Santa Clara, CA.

GaymerX has been promoting an inclusive gaming environment since it began a few years ago and I’m really glad to see them continuing to expand their range of offerings to include more tabletop and “old school” stuff, including inviting me back!

While I’m at the con, here are the places where you can find me. You can also see the GaymerX online schedule:

Friday, September 30th

12:00 pm: How to Be a Gamemaster seminar – Ever wanted to GM tabletop? Already do but want some tips on how to do it better? Come join this panel of pros as we talk about it!

4:00 pm: Navigating the Intersection of Videogames and Tabletop panel – How to draw upon the good points of both tabletop and video games.

6:00 pm: Queer Superheroes in Comics, Gaming, and More panel – A favorite topic of mine: queer superheroes in comics, fiction, games, and more!

Saturday, October 1st

11:00 am: Queer as a Three-Sided Die: Tabletop Gaymers panel – We bring the popular GenCon panel to GaymerX!

2:00 pm: The Keys of Hate adventure for Mutants & Masterminds.

Sunday, October 2nd

9:00 am: The Flight of the Snow Pearl adventure for Blue Rose Romantic Fantasy.

Note that game sessions are limited to a group of six players, so sign up if you want to play with me! Seminars and panels have less limited space, but it’s still a good idea to sign up if you want to ensure a seat.

Plus we’ll see what other things I can get into – there’s a ton of cool stuff going on and, presumably there will be goodies to shop for, along with a number of people I’d like to meet, and old friends to visit. You can follow me on Facebook or Google+ or on Twitter at @SKenson, as I’ll probably be updating social media while I’m at the con, or just as a way of messaging me while I’m there.