Giant-Size Icons: Rise of the Phalanx

phalanxcoverAd Infinitum Adventures is proud to announce the release of Rise of the Phalanx, an epic adventure series for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, taking a group of novice heroes and making them heirs t a noble—and tragic—heroic legacy. Written and illustrated by Dan Houser, the book feature features five complete adventures suitable for hours of game-play, including:

  • Flight of the Nova-1: When supervillains hijack an experimental space shuttle, it’s up to the heroes to bring it and its crew safely back to Earth.
  • Cold War Conundrum: A stolen nuclear warhead leads the heroes on a world-wide chase to thwart the schemes of the Arsenal.
  • The Nemesis Crisis: Heroes and villains are pitted against each other by the Cosmic Justicar with the fate of the Earth in the balance.
  • The Metaskulk Invasion: An old foe conducts a campaign of misinformation against the heroes, culminating in an alien invasion.
  • Reign of Chaos: The climatic battle to save the Earth from the master-villain behind it all … Reign!

Rise of the Phalanx also offers a rogues gallery of villains—two complete teams, invading aliens, cosmic beings, and evil masterminds—along with complete write-ups of the original Phalanx team and the opportunity to play them!

Originally released as five stand-alone adventures, this “Giant-Size” Icons product makes the complete 200-page Rise of the Phalanx series available on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow in both electronic and print editions: Just $12 for the PDF edition, $35 for the softcover, and $40 for the hardcover (with the PDF edition included).