Icons Updates

Greetings, Icons heroes! Some things are (and have been) happening with Superpowered Roleplaying of late, so I figured that a round-up post talking about them was in order.

The Assembled Edition

First, where The Assembled Edition of Icons Superpowered Roleplaying is concerned, I’ve added a print-on-demand hardcover option to its DriveThruRPG listing. It’s $44.99, a bit more expensive than the offset print hardcover ($34.95) still available in retail and through the Green Ronin Online Store. It’s also a bit thicker and heavier. The POD softcover and PDF editions remain available, as always, and anyone who buys a hardcopy for the Green Ronin store can get a free PDF from me: Just drop me an email with a copy of your store receipt and, ideally, your DriveThruRPG account email, and I’ll get it to you.

Speaking of the Assembled Edition, in light of the stay-at-home and social distancing efforts to fight the spread of the coronavirus, I’ve offered a free PDF copy to anyone who is being a hero and following those guidelines, especially if they’re looking to entertain at-home kids who are out of school by giving them a chance to be superheroes! Interested folks can fill out this online form. I’ll keep this offer running until April 1st, as I’ve already given away over 850 copies of the game!

If you do get a free copy of Icons, I would much appreciate a star-rating and a review on DriveThruRPG if you can spare a few minutes.

Icons Classics Bundle

I collected all of the original edition Icons products, including the original rulebook and the Villainomicon (which have been unavailable for a while) into a single Icons Classics bundle. It is a dozen products: rulebook, villain book, and ten classic adventures, for just $20. Plus, with DriveThru’s bundling, if you already have some of these classic Icons books, their price will be subtracted from the bundle total! So it’s a great opportunity to round out your classic collection.

Icons Presents Singles

I’ve also released all sixteen chapters of Icons Presents as separate PDFs, priced at $1 each, much like the individual chapters of Icons A to Z (except released after the complete book rather than serially as a subscription). So if you’re just interested in a handful of subjects from Presents, you can pick up the individual essays, although the complete book remains a better deal. The singles are, of course, not available in print, being only 6–12 pages long each.

Game Master’s Screen

The Icons Game Master Screen has been improved with the addition of a print-on-demand set of cardstock inserts for customizable GM screens for just $10. Plus you get the printable PDFs of the screen inserts as well for no added cost!

[Note: Unfortunately, DriveThru’s card-printer has closed down for the time being, due to a municipal order closing non-essential businesses during the coronavirus outbreak. Card orders will not be available for at least 30 days, possibly longer.]

Dawn of the Daikaiju

The newest Icons adventure from Dan “The Man” Houser is The Dawn of Daikaiju. It is a city-stomping adventure that pits your heroes against a giant destructive force. It includes details on the dread daikaiju Dracostroyer and gestalt mecha King Mechakaiser, along with an appendix for creating your own giant monsters to menace the city and the world!


I was recently interviewed on the Plus or Minus Podcast about Icons, particularly its relationship to its predecessor Fudge and I got to talk about the genesis of the system, its design concepts, and development. Feel free to drop by and give it a listen!

I also appeared on the BAMF! YouTube channel along with Icons artist extraordinaire Dan Houser and author and RPG freelancer Alexander Thomas to talk about the past year or so of Icons products and upcoming projects. Lots of hints of what’s coming up along with our process for creating Icons characters and products.

In the Works

Speaking of which, even more is in the works for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying! Dan Houser has turned over a manuscript for his next adventure, the first part of a planned new series. I’m also working away on a new Icons sourcebook—no details yet, as it’s still in early draft stages, but I think Game Masters in particular will find it useful. I’ve got a number of other Icons ideas on the drawing-board, and we’ll see what time (a lot of time spent indoors) allows in the months to come.

If you have a particular “wish-list” item you’d love to see for Icons, feel free to drop me a line and let me know!