Icons at Home

Offered a chance to stay home and be heroes, people responded! I’ve given away over a thousand free copies of the Icons Superpowered Roleplaying PDF edition in the past couple of weeks to people staying home (often with kids) so thank you for doing the heroic thing for everyone and I hope that you get to enjoy being heroes at home playing the game!

What Next?

If you are new to Icons or a long-time fan wondering what you can do at this time, here are a few things that would be appreciated:

  • Offer Some Stars! Reviews and ratings mean a lot when it comes to online sales and marketing, so if you are enjoying Icons, please feel free to give it five-stars on DriveThruRRPG to let everyone know it!
  • Write a Review! Even better than a high star-rating is writing a short review to tell folks why you love Icons. Reviews help people in deciding whether to try out a game or not. If you have your own blog, podcast, stream, or the like, a review there is welcome, too.
  • Run a Game! Speaking of streams and podcasts, maybe you might want to run a game of Icons online for folks to watch or listen-in. Even if you don’t want to run a game for public consumption, consider running one for your kids, family, or friends. Even if you’re socially distancing (and you should be) you can run games online using video conferencing and chat resources like Discord, Hangouts, Zoom, and more.
  • Pick Up Some Products! Lastly, if you like Icons and want to support small press RPGs and those of us who create them, please consider picking up some other products for the game. Check out the Icons Updates post for the latest and see the Icons listing on DriveThruRPG for a complete list of products. The “Icons, Assemble!” section below offers some different ways you can go. Please note that print-on-demand books like Adversaries, A to Z, Origins, Presents, Rogues, and Rise of the Phalanx are still available (as of this post) and that there are a number of fine third-party Icons publishers through the Open Game License as well who would welcome and appreciate your support.

Icons, Assemble!

If you are new to Icons and wondering what to do or check out next, take a look at the Icons Updates post and consider the following:

  • Sourcebooks: Although The Assembled Edition is a complete game, sourcebooks like Icons A to Z and Icons Presents offer optional expansions, ideas, add-on systems, and variants you can use to enhance your games. What’s more, each chapter of each book is available separately as a downloadable file, so you can pick-and-choose just the ones that interest you, or you can get the whole book.
  • Hero Packs: The Hero Pack products have lots of new superheroes for Icons to inspire your imagination and that of your players.
  • Villain Books: The Adversaries and Rogues books each offer dozens of foes to supplement the sample villains in Icons. Since each villain comes with adventure hooks and ideas, these books are like huge collections of possible adventures!
  • Adventures: Speaking of adventures, they form the backbone of the Icons line, and you can get lots of low-cost adventures. Third parties offer even more adventures! You can also get a complete campaign in the Rise of the Phalanx book.
  • Classics Bundle: Lastly, you can pick up a bundle of all of the products for the first edition of Icons—rulebook, villain sourcebook, and ten complete classic adventures—all for the low price of just $20. All of this material is easily usable with the Assembled Edition of the game.

Publishing for Icons

Inspired to create for Icons? That’s great! Because the game is published under the Open Game License, there’s a free Icons Compatibility License that lets you create, publish, and sell your own Icons-compatible products. You’re also welcome to release free content for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying online, or to contribute to the Icons: Truth, Justice, and Gaming Wiki of fan-created content.

Thanks again for taking care of yourselves and doing the right things to look after everyone else. Stay home, play games, and be heroes!