See Me at GaymerX4!

gaymerx_yearfour_logo_web-1024x912I am looking forward to being one of the Tabletop RPG Bosses of Honor at the upcoming GaymerX convention (or GX4 for short), this weekend in Santa Clara, CA.

GaymerX has been promoting an inclusive gaming environment since it began a few years ago and I’m really glad to see them continuing to expand their range of offerings to include more tabletop and “old school” stuff, including inviting me back!

While I’m at the con, here are the places where you can find me. You can also see the GaymerX online schedule: Continue reading

Meet Me at GaymerX!

gaymerx3I am looking forward to being one of the Tabletop RPG Bosses of Honor at the upcoming GaymerX convention (or GX3 for short), December 11–13 in San Jose, CA.

GaymerX has been promoting an inclusive gaming environment since it began a few years ago and I’m really glad to see them expanding their range of offerings to include more tabletop and “old school” stuff.

While I’m at the con, here are the places where you can find me: Continue reading

Find Me at GenCon!

Gen-Con-LogoIt’s that time of the year again, when everyone in the tabletop gaming industry tags everything on their to-do lists as “must be done before” or “can wait until after” – GenCon!

I’ll be in attendance for what will be my 25th GenCon, by my count (I’ve missed two since I first started attending in 1988). If you’ll also be at the “Best Four Days in Gaming” here’s where you are likely to run across me. (Note, this is my public schedule, not counting various social engagements and business-related meetings.)

Thursday, July 30th

  • 2:00 PM: AGE (Adventure Gaming Engine) News & Updates seminar
  • 5:00 PM: GamersTable Awards Dinner

Friday, July 31st

  • 10:00 AM: What’s New With Green Ronin seminar

Saturday, August 1st

  • 6:00 PM: Queer as a Three-Sided Die seminar (LGBT gamers)

Otherwise, I am likely to be found at the Green Ronin Publishing booth, hawking copies of Fantasy AgeTitansgrave: Ashes of ValkanaMutants & Masterminds, A Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying, my own Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, and other fine Green Ronin products. If you have a specific need to meet or talk with me, you can drop me a line about setting up a time or come by the booth and take you chances.


This weekend I’ll be guesting for the second year at the second annual ChupacabraCon in Austin, TX. It’s a great local game convention and well worth checking out — this year they have a truly star-studded guest-list from the industry! I’ll be giving seminars and running a couple of games, along with catching up with some of my colleagues as we do at these things, and maybe enjoying some Texas barbecue while I’m there. Here’s where and when you’ll be able to find me at the ‘con:

Friday, Jan. 9

2 pm – 6 pm – Icons Assemble!
6 pm – 7 pm – Opening Ceremonies
7 pm – 8:30 pm – VIP Meet and Greet

Saturday, Jan. 10

12:45 pm – 1:45 pm – What’s new at Green Ronin seminar
2 pm – 3:30 pm – Super Hero Strike Force! seminar
4:30 pm – 6 pm – What Aaron Allston Meant to Us seminar
7 pm – 11 pm – DC Adventures: Long Live the Legion! (classic Legion of Super-Heroes)

Sunday, Jan. 11th

10 am – 11:30 am – VIP Brunch

Queer as a Three-Sided Die

GenConGaymerOne of the things I very much looked forward to at GenCon this year (after a year away in 2013) was the third-annual “Queer as a Three-Sided Die” seminar. It got started, as such things often do, to address a need that the initial panelists and I perceived — it is, in many ways, the seminar I wish I’d had during my early years at GenCon, when the notion that there were other “gaymers” was completely foreign (I didn’t meet any until around my sixth or seventh year of attending).

We looked to expand the panel this year, and did in an unexpected way. Matt Conn (founder of MidBoss and GaymerX) and Philip Jones (co-director of Gaming in Color) contacted me just days before the con to say they were attending and were interested in the seminar. They joined me and our other panelists from prior years:

The Know Direction podcast was also kind enough to create a video recording of the panel, so I’ll direct you there if you want to see and hear everything that was discussed. Topics ranged across the queer spectrum from the light-hearted and celebratory to quite serious and emotional, and Qd3 (as I abbreviate it) was by far the most well-attended seminar I experienced at GenCon.

We also had the benefit of “GAYMER” badge ribbons from Tabletop Gaymers again this year. Feel free to check out their consolidated reference links, and to register or donate to the covering the cost of the ribbons this year and for next year, as they were quite popular!

Members of the gaymer community are already talking about adding to the slate of offerings for next year’s GenCon—social events, seminars, gaming events, and so forth—and I’m already looking forward to the potential for next year’s panel. If you are interested in joining us as a panelist, or know someone you think would make an ideal panelist, please email me and let me know!

If you have ever considered the possibility of offering something queer-related or more inclusive at a convention (GenCon or any other)—do it! Like I said, these things get started because we see a need and look to fill it and, let me tell you, the need is there. I’m already looking forward to all the amazing things our community is going to do in the years to come.

Convention Season

Summertime means convention season, and I have the good fortune to be guesting at a couple of cons in the coming weeks…


I am again a guest this year at ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT, this weekend from July 11–13, where I’ll be running games and speaking at seminars. Here’s currently where you can expect to find me there:

  • Writer, Designer, Publisher, Creator (seminar), July 11, 2–3:30 PM
  • Icons Assemble! The Zodiac Quest (Icons Superpowered Roleplaying), July 11, 8–midnight
  • Gaymers Unite! (seminar), July 12, 8:30–11 AM
  • Super-Powered Showdown! (Mutants & Masterminds game), July 12, 3–7 PM
  • Somebody Else’s Sandbox: Creating for Licensed Properties (seminar), July 13, 10–11:30 AM


This year I also return to GenCon after a year away, and I am again on the Industry Insider guest track. Apart from the Green Ronin booth and the nearest Starbucks, places where you can find me include:

  • Return to the Castle of Gender Representation (seminar), Thursday, August 14, 3–4 PM
  • The State of Superheroes at Green Ronin Publishing (seminar), Friday, August 15, 10–11 AM
  • How to Run a Successful Tabletop RPG Kickstarter (seminar), Friday, August 15, 2-3 PM
  • Playing God (seminar), Friday, August 15, 4–5 PM
  • Cross-Media Chaos: Working With Media Properties (seminar), Saturday, August 16, 10–11 AM
  • What’s Up at Green Ronin Publishing? (seminar), Saturday, August 16, 1–2 PM
  • Superhero Summit (seminar), Saturday, August 16, 4–5 PM
  • Queer as a Three-Sided Die (seminar), Saturday, August 16, 6 PM

Should you plan to be at either convention, please do check out my various events, or just take the opportunity to say hello. I look forward to seeing many of you there!