Wonder Woman: Swords & Submission

Having seen DC’s Wonder Woman film, I naturally have thoughts and feelings about it. To avoid spoilers, I’ve put them up here behind a cut for those who want to read them. Read no further if you are avoiding spoilers! I’ll say up-front that it’s an excellent film and does the director, actors, production—and its subject—credit. I hope that its success influences DC’s further creative choices when it comes to its film franchise, but also realize that’s a big ship that takes a lot of time to nudge in a different direction.

All that said, the movie did have a few things that bothered me, the overall theme being that I don’t think it embraced the character enough, in some regards. Naturally, these are all matters of taste that, for me, kept an excellent film from being a near-perfect one. So, for a moment, I’m going to the That Comic Book Guy™ (gender pun intended). Spoilers ahoy!

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Review: Aberrant

Published by White Wolf Game Studio

Designed by Richard Hatch, with Andrew Bates, Ken Cliffe, Greg Fountain, Sheri M. Johnson, Chris McDonough, Ethan Skemp, Mike Tinney, Richard Thomas, Stephan Wieck, and Fred Yelk. Additional Design by Justin Achilli, Steven Long, and Mark Moore.

296-page softcover book, $24.95

“What would you do if you had the power of a god?” That’s the question White Wolf asks in their Aberrant roleplaying game, the second game set in the alternate universe of Trinity, but over a hundred years earlier than that game, before the events of the Aberrant War that make the Aberrants the bad guys of Trinity. For the time being the Aberrants are heroes. The only question is: how long can that last? Continue reading