I have nine published novels: seven for the Shadowrun series, and one each for the Crimson Skies and MechWarrior series, all based on properties by FASA Corporation (some under license to other publishers). They are:


Babel is a technoshaman, transformed by an experience in the virtual world of the Matrix. He’s also hunted by the global megacorporations for something he cannot remember.


Talon started out as a street-runner, then joined the top shadowrunning team Assets, Inc. Now a mystery from his past draws him back to the streets of 21st century Boston in search of answers and brings him face to face with a evil haunting the underground catacombs of the city, an evil with ties to Talon’s past he is not even aware of.


Talon and his team of shadowrunners are back, hired by a representative of the massive Saeder-Krupp corporation to recover a missing archeologist and the artifact he helped unearth. Could it be the key to the end of the world? Guess they forgot about never dealing with a dragon…

The Burning Time

It’s 2061, the 50th anniversary of the Awakening. Talon’s team of shadowrunners are busy with a job when strange things start happening, not the least of which is the return of someone Talon never expected to see again.

Born to Run

Newbie shadowrunner Kellan Colt comes to Seattle looking to break into the big time and to find out more about the mother she never knew after a mysterious benefactor sends her some gear that was supposedly her mother’s.

Poison Agendas

Kellan Colt gets a lead onto what might be a big score, but is she ready to handle it? Some of her associates don’t think so, and the ones willing to help have agendas of their own.

Fallen Angels

The conclusion to the Kellan Colt trilogy as Kellan learns the truth about her mother’s past, and the nature of trust and betrayal in the shadows on a dangerous run into the magical elven nation of Tir Tairngire.

Ghost of Winter

Sturm Kintaro is a young MechWarrior on an isolated planet called Kore, on the edge of known space. An unexpected invasion leads Sturm to a startling discovery that changes his life forever.

Pirate’s Gold

Follow the career of air-pirate Nathan Zachary from his youth as a pilot during WWI to the early years of his career as a privateer in a shattered alternate America, seeking fame and fortune.

Honor Among Thieves

Another (unfortunately unpublished) adventure of Nathan Zachary and his air-pirate crew.

Short Stories

I’ve also written some short fiction outside of game books.

Spells & Chrome

This Shadowrun anthology includes my short story “Fade Away” about the unusual relationship between a Yakuza bodyguard and his charge.

Cadaver Bone

I wrote the story “Light Wounds” for this fundraiser fiction anthology.


I wrote the story “Beneath the Surface” about the reign of King Rikin the Peacemaker.

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