Coming Soon: Reign of Chaos

Reign of Chaos cover

Phalanx…to the Fore!

It began with Flight of the Nova-1 and progressed through Cold War ConundrumThe Nemesis Crisis, and The Metaskulk Invasion — and soon the Rise of the Phalanx saga for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying comes to its climatic conclusion with Reign of Chaos, where the heroes of Victory City learn the history of their predecessors and confront the mastermind behind the looming threat from Geistspace. Can they save the city, and the world, from the vengeance of Reign…?

The Rise of the Phalanx series concludes in Reign of Chaos, written and illustrated by Dan Houser, coming soon from Ad Infinitum Adventures!

The Icons Bundle of Holding


This is not exactly how I wanted to announce this. When Allen Varney and I were finally able to set up a Bundle of Holding for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying, I thought that Pride Month was the perfect time for it, as I knew the charity I wanted it to benefit: The Trevor Project for LGBTQIA youth, a very important cause to me, personally.

Little did I know of the terrible events that would occur this past weekend at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando during Pride. I considered cancelling the bundle entirely, but instead decided to go ahead because the need for awareness, support, and donations is greater than ever.

So, while I certainly hope you take a look at the Icons bundle and take the opportunity to get yourself a huge collection of superhero PDFs at a bargain price, more importantly, I hope you consider a donation—either through your purchase or directly—to LGBTQIA causes like the Trevor Project and to efforts to end gun violence. The bundle will be available for the next fifteen days and buying in early ensures you get any additional products added to it over the course of the sale at no additional cost! I greatly appreciate the opportunity to raise money to donate to this cause.

Icons Adversaries

Ad Infinitum is pleased to announce that the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying is now available as a downloadable PDF ($10) and as a print-on-demand book. The print edition is available in both softcover (standard color for $20 and premium color for $30) and hardcover (premium color only for $35) and print purchase includes the PDF at no additional cost.

The sourcebook presents over 80 fiends, foes, and foils for Icons heroes, ranging in power from deities and would-be world-conquerors to petty crooks and criminals, and each character comes with adventure ideas, making the book a collection of hundreds of possible adventures! Some villains are updated from the original edition of Icons and the Villainomicon sourcebook, or expanded from the Assembled Edition rulebook, others are all new. You can see some previews from the book online:

You can find the new Adversaries sourcebook on DriveThruRPG and RPGNow Check it out along with the other fine adventures and supplements for Icons Superpowered Roleplaying!

Adversaries Preview: Size Queen

sizequeenSoon, Ad Infinitum will bring on the bad guys with the release of the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons. Today we wrap up our sneak previews of the various villains you’ll find in its pages for your own superhero series with the fabulous fierceness of…Size Queen!

It’s a toss up whether or not the radioactive isotopes were the world’s down-payment on a debt owed or not, but they certainly changed Lolita’s life forever. When a fight between the criminal syndicate that stole them and the authorities trying to recover them fractured the containment unit, Lito “Lolita” Hernandez got a good dose of the glowing dust, and quite the change in perspective. She became big, all right: so big that she busted through the roof of the building and kept on growing!

That first time, nobody knew what was happening. The “50-foot Queen of the Strip” did a lot of damage without really knowing what was happening. It was like a dream—or a nightmare—until the authorities and local heroes knocked her off her stiletto heels and literally took her down several dozen pegs. The size change didn’t last, but Lolita was able to do it again whenever she wanted. Interestingly, Lito Hernandez couldn’t—only as his drag alter-ego, which became increasingly, incessantly, demanding and independent in Lito’s mind…

Adversaries Preview: Rumor

rumorWith the forthcoming release of the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons, I’m taking the opportunity to provide a sneak preview of some of the various villains you’ll find within its 176 pages. Today’s preview is the mysterious information and power-broker known as — Rumor:

Rosa Lopez learned at an early age you either took power and used it, or got used by those who had it. Fortunately, Rosa did have power, a birthright passed down to her by her grandmother, who told Rosa how the women of their family possessed certain gifts—which sometimes skipped generations. Rumors spread throughout the neighborhood, and then the city. In fact, the mysterious figure willing to provide information and assistance at a price become known as “Rumor” herself and Rosa embraced both the name and the reputation. She initially needed to teach some object lessons to those who thought they could force her to take sides in their conflicts. The fates of those who tried showed others the error of that sort of thinking.

Adversaries Preview: Enemy Mime

enemymimeAs we get closer to the release of the new Adversaries sourcebook for Icons, I’m providing some sneak peeks into the 176-pages of villainy for your superhero games. Today it’s a look at the silent force known as…Enemy Mime!

His name and background are unknown, perhaps even to him. If he does recall anything about them, he certainly isn’t saying anything. The mysterious criminal nicknamed “Enemy Mime” by someone in law enforcement with a sense of humor was apparently a legitimate street performer at one point, caught in the midst of a super-battle in a downtown area, where an experimental energy device exploded. He disappeared in that explosion, only to return some time later, using his strange command over the invisible “mime field” to commit robberies and draw the attention of a criminal gang.

Adversaries Preview: Amphora

amphoraWe’re getting close to the release of the new Adversaries book for Icons: 176 pages of super-villainy for your series! As a lead-in, here’s the first in a series of sneak-peeks at the nefarious ne’er do-wells of the new books: Amphora

Archeologist Antonia Katsaros was never overly concerned about the law in her pursuit of lost treasures, but when she discovered a mysterious sealed amphora from ancient Greece, its contents filled her with the power to use any ability belonging to a mythic feminine figure, making her a tomb-raider and robber par excellence!