Wonder Woman: Swords & Submission

Having seen DC’s Wonder Woman film, I naturally have thoughts and feelings about it. To avoid spoilers, I’ve put them up here behind a cut for those who want to read them. Read no further if you are avoiding spoilers! I’ll say up-front that it’s an excellent film and does the director, actors, production—and its subject—credit. I hope that its success influences DC’s further creative choices when it comes to its film franchise, but also realize that’s a big ship that takes a lot of time to nudge in a different direction.

All that said, the movie did have a few things that bothered me, the overall theme being that I don’t think it embraced the character enough, in some regards. Naturally, these are all matters of taste that, for me, kept an excellent film from being a near-perfect one. So, for a moment, I’m going to the That Comic Book Guy™ (gender pun intended). Spoilers ahoy!

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