Re: Animated • Justice League “A Knight of Shadows” – Part 1

jl20This blog takes a look at episodes from the Justice League animated series from a tabletop roleplaying game perspective, both in terms of game design and game play.

Obligatory Spoiler Warning: I will be discussing the events of the episode in the post. If, for some reason, you’re interested in the show and this blog and have not seen the show, go and do that first. The blog will make much more sense, and you won’t have your enjoyment of the show spoiled. You Have Been Warned.

“A Knight of Shadows” – Part 1

The Justice League series is full of homages to the late, great Jack “The King” Kirby, and perhaps the most prominent in the first season is “A Knight of Shadows” featuring one of Kirby’s enduring DC creations: Etrigan, the Demon.

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