The Icons Wiki is Back!

Thanks to the kind and tireless efforts of John Paine, the Icons: Truth, Justice, and Gaming Wiki has a new home and host at Miraheze. John has restored virtually all of the old wiki’s content from the Wikispaces backup and the new wiki is “open for business”! If you were a prior contributor, feel free to set up an account and see about updating your content. If you’re a current Icons Superpowered Roleplaying fan, you can contribute or just enjoy the content that’s available there. Thanks again, John, for all of your help in giving this fan-created site new life!

The Icons Wiki


Since its renewal recently came due, I was reminded about the Icons Wiki, a fan resource set up not long after the game was first published. Ad Infinitum took over hosting it when wikispaces went from a free to a paid account system, but my own time to contribute to the wiki (which I did prior Ad Infinitum taking over the publication of Icons) has been limited. I figured new fans of the game who have come on-board since them might not be aware of the wiki as a resource.

So, if you have a chance, and are so inclined, click on over and check it out! You can add you own Icons content and share resources with your fellow players, Game Masters, and fans. I know the tendency has been towards individual blogs with Icons content (including my own) but the wiki makes a great central “clearing-house” for compiling Icons-related resources.

The Icons Wiki Returns!


Longtime fans of Icons are familiar with the Icons: Truth, Justice & Gaming wiki on Wikispaces, one of the best fan-created resources for the game. I contributed a fair amount to the wiki myself both prior to setting up Ad Infinitum Adventures and afterwards.

Recently, Wikispaces went from a free to a paid model, making free wikis available only for educational purposes, which took the Icons wiki offline for a while. Site-owner Bob “Bretbo” Bretz and I were able to arrange to get the Icons wiki renewed and back online for fans to enjoy and I’ll be looking into some alternative hosting options to maintain the wiki and its content long-term as an Ad Infinitum sponsored project in support of Icons.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the resources the Icons wiki has to offer and feel free to contribute to what the community there has built!